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Report: Baba Sheikh abducted to Russia

Published: October 22, 2018, Author: CWIS Editor
Report: Baba Sheikh abducted to Russia

The Baba Sheikh, against his will, has been taken to Russia and his son threatened in a bid to compel him to renounce the Yezidis’ autonomous nation Ezidikhan. The Provisional Government of Ezidikhan condemns the Kurdish Regional Government as responsible for genocidal policies including the abduction of senior Yezidi elders.

The Kurdish Regional Government, in an effort to forcibly dominate and take control of Ezidikhan, has threatened the life of the Yezidis’ supreme spiritual leader the Baba Shiekh Khurto Hajji Ismail and his son Samir Baba Sheikh. Kurdish security personnel kidnapped both Baba Shiekh and his son Farhad and then transported Baba Shiekh to Russia in an effort to get him to renounce the Ezidikhan government—the very government he proclaimed in the Supreme Spiritual Council Proclamation of July 25, 2017.

This is clearly an effort to intimidate the Ezidikhan government and the Supreme Spiritual Council into allowing the Kurdish Regional Government with the help of the Iraqi government to force the integration of Ezidikhan in violation of international laws of genocide. Such intimidation and forced occupation of Ezidikhan peoples and lands constitute an act of genocide for which the Kurdish Regional Government and the Iraqi government must be held accountable.

Supporters of Ezidikhan have lately come under increasingly heavy pressure to cease campaigning for an autonomously administered region for the Yezidis and other religious minorities within the Republic of Iraq. Unidentified individuals, for example, have lately hacked the Ezidikhan Public Information Bureau website and deleted all contents.


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