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Chief George Manuel Memorial Indigenous Library

The Chief George Manuel Indigenous Library is dedicated to the memory of Secwepemc Chief George Manuel, (1921-1989) who worked closely for many years with CWIS founder Dr. Rudolph Rÿser.

The library was founded as a documents repository in 1979 in response to a resolution of the Conference of Tribal Governments.

Today, the library is among the largest indigenous peoples libraries in the world, containing over a 100,000 full text documents, reports, and publications from American Indian nations and indigenous nations from around the globe. Over 1700 documents have been digitized.


Collected monographs of CWIS publications including

  • Anti-Indian Movement on the Tribal Frontier
  • Fourth World Wars
  • Horrors on the Chittagong Hilltracts
  • Historical Documents of Tribal and Intertribal Resolutions from 1971 onward
  • United Nations Working Group
  • Treaties, Multilateral and International agreements
  • Traditional Medicine
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To access the library:
  1. Go to the Library, filter the list of selected documents by category or language or just put in your key words
  2. The list will provide your search results
  3. Click the button that says I want to know more to see additional information similar to these documents
  4. Click the button to download and obtain a digital copy of the document
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