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“Thank you to the Elina Vesara Ostern Fund who in 2017 gifted CWIS to further the study of medicinal/pharmacological use of wildlife products, particularly in relation to local communities.”

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Intercontinental Cry

IC produces public-interest journalism centered on Indigenous Peoples, climate change and international human rights. IC is led by journalists and academics of Indigenous descent and conducts in depth investigative journalism…

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Yezidi Recovery Fund

The murderous rampage unleashed on the Yezidi by the forces of the Islamic State in 2014 resulted in the death of 4,000 men, women and children; the capture and sexual…

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Nutrients For Natives

For over 35 years you have supported our pro bono work providing low cost natural medicine health care and medical massage for indigenous peoples with diabetes and pain, with a regional focus on the Pacific…

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Activist Education Scholarships

Our education programs build bridges between cultural wisdom, indigenous ways of knowing (epistemologies) and the healing arts & sciences. When you give to the Scholarship Fund you support the continuing…

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