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Our Story


CWIS director of research, Dr. Korn awarded a Fulbright research scholarship to study medicinal plants and community trauma in west Mexico


At the request of Igbo leadership in southern Nigeria CWIS Drafts the Biafra Charter Preamble for the conduct of governance of Biafra.

At the request of Paiwan, Taroko and Tsao peoples’ leaders (Taiwan) CWIS develops process for these communities to develop priorities for self-government.


CWIS facilitates the Quinault Tribal Delegation to the 15th Conference of Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Poznan, Poland


CWIS begins 3 years of a technical assistance contract to the Quinault Indian Government Quinault President on economic development and climate change


CWIS research team travels to Bella Coola B.C.  to present research on oolichan oil, seal oil, whale oil.

CWIS Board of Directors approve a declaration to undertake efforts to advance human rights and self-determination of the Nation of Biafra.


CWIS research team is granted 650,000 dollars by National Institutes of Health, to conduct Mind Body medicine research with American Indian family caregivers and sponsor two graduate minority research fellows. Grant funds also received by Area Agencies on Aging.

CWIS convenes day long Dialogue on Protected Knowledge and Tribally Directed Research symposium, Seattle.

Certificate and Masters Degree programs in Traditional Healing Arts and Sciences and Fourth World Studies expands online and onsite courses.

Chief George Manuel Memorial Library expands to include an online searchable online database of 4000 documents.

CWIS convenes the conference on Tribal Economic Development with the Lummi and Quileute Nations

CWIS engaged to facilitate and develop the self-government charter with leaders of the Biafra Foundation to promote governing representation of Igbo throughout the southeastern portion of Nigeria.


Dr. Rÿser develops and delivers the American Indian Leadership course in at Evergreen State College and the Northwest Indian College

CTM convenes the 21st Annual Traditional Medicine Seminar in Mexico.

Develops a MA course for Evergreen State College Public Administration Graduate Program entitled: Indian Policy 1607 – 2003: A Political Odyssey.

CWIS research team engaged by the Lummi Nation Economic Development Department to develop a Community Plan to address tribal political economy.

Organizes and conducts three workshops on Culture, Foods and Medicines for Salish and Sahaptian and Anishnabek peoples in Olympia and Toronto.

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