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We offer you an opportunity to carry out distance, virtual internships and occasional On-site internships in Mexico.

The internship provides you with the opportunity to advance the mission of CWIS while achieving your personal and professional goals under the tutelage of senior staff.

Normally, interns at the graduate level are chosen, however exceptional undergraduates may apply. A minimum of 3 months commitment is required.

Your activities may include:

  • Research and Writing
  • Online Education: course design and development
  • Spanish Language/Translation
  • Design, Marketing and Social Media
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Development, grant writing and fundraising

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What you would like to do for your internship? Your skills? Focus area? Your current status as a student or professional. Then when you are available and for how long. We will get right back to you.

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Contribute to one of our Programs

Indigenous Studies

You will learn about and practice Fourth World and Indigenous Studies; gain perspective and experience the social, economic, and political realities of the world’s 6,000 nations. How has the last 500 years of globalization affected the rights, interests and existence of Fourth World nations?

Environmental Justice and Climate Change

You will contribute to ongoing projects that protect land and environment rights of indigenous and Fourth World peoples. When environments are threatened, all life and peoples are threatened. Development is a double-edgedsword: at times providing a path out of poverty, yet frequently resulting in further dispossession, and contamination of ecosystems and peoples’ health.

International Indigenous Law and Diplomacy

You have the opportunity to participate in developing effective leadership in the exercise of sovereignty and effective governance, and the development of ongoing law and diplomacy nationally and internationally.

Traditional Medicine Herbal Medicine

You may choose to develop your clinical, research and writing skills about Traditional Healing Arts and Sciences and contribute to publications and books in the areas of indigenous culinary and herbal medicines for the treatment of physical and mental well-being.

Meet a Few of Our Interns

Adam Hinden

Adam Hinden is a rising senior at the College of Wooster pursuing a double major in Anthropology and Chinese and a minor in East Asian Studies. Adam was born in northern Virginia but grew up in The Bahamas, Poland, and Mexico. His work as a Research Intern at CWIS focuses on curating and organizing documents in the Chief George Manuel library, particularly focusing on indigenous groups and issues in China and Taiwan. In his free time, Adam enjoys learning, playing, and producing music.

Victoria Kvitek

Victoria is a recent graduate of Indiana University’s Herman B. Wells Scholars Program. Her undergraduate study was in Anthropology and Human Biology, with a unifying focus in Medical Anthropology/Human Health & Disease. She is thrilled to continue uniting her interests in these areas as a CWIS intern working under Dr. Leslie Korn. Victoria will be contributing to an ongoing medicinal plants project, summarizing extant biomedical knowledge about various plants featured in traditional medicine. She will also be joining the team working to compile Dr. Korn’s forthcoming clinical workbook in integrative psychiatry.

Eileen Calub

Eileen Calub is an undergraduate student at the University of Florida pursuing a double major in Linguistics and International Studies with a minor in Mass Communication Studies. She is passionate about human rights and indigenous language preservation. In her free time, she likes writing, traveling, and learning foreign languages.

Gillian Joseph

Gillian Joseph is an Ihaŋktoŋwaŋ Dakota student and storyteller who grew up as a guest on Waxhaw and Catawba lands. They are currently living abroad to pursue an MSc in cross-cultural psychology, working on a thesis that will investigate the relationship between sovereignty and positive health outcomes in Indigenous communities. Previously, Gillian has worked with the American Psychological Association and National Indian Health Board to research Indigenous wellbeing.

Ana Salazar

Ana is an undergraduate student at Tufts University, studying anthropology and international relations. Though originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Ana mostly grew up in Washington, DC and now calls Somerville and the Boston area her home. In the classroom and through internships, Ana loves learning about environmental justice, modern forms of colonialism, human rights and sustainable development. In her free time, she also loves to hike, climb, bake, read, and be outside!

Tufts University

Kate Fraser

Kate Fraser is an undergraduate student at Boston University studying Linguistics and Spanish. As a Linguistics & Research Intern at CWIS, her work is focused on developing a course on Indigenous language revitalization, and conducting research for the Center for Traditional Medicine. In her free time, she likes to read and go on scenic walks.

Kallie McDaniel

Kallie McDaniel is a senior at Mercer University studying English, History, and French. After graduating, she hopes to attend graduate school and study historical and contact linguistics, specifically the effects of colonization on indigenous languages. When she is not studying or writing papers, she enjoys reading mysteries and thrillers, cooking, and logic puzzles.

Tayma Machkhas

Tayma will be working under the supervision of Dr. Leslie Korn to help develop a postgraduate program on cultural awareness and diversity. She is an undergraduate in the Honors College at the University of Houston pursuing a dual degree in Public Health and Anthropology. She is a research intern at the social determinants and health disparities lab at her university and she is a part-time research assistant for a project called Taking Texas Tobacco Free, which investigates the social determinants of tobacco use.

Ashley-Devon Williamston

Ashley-Devon Williamston is a cultural anthropologist who currently serves as the CWIS Social Media Coordinator and works to promote indigenous movements and CWIS programs. Based in Cincinnati, OH, their research observes emergent and longstanding facets of marginalized cultures across the U.S. and Central America. In addition to their work with CWIS, they also work as a Research Coordinator in the Department of Family Planning at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Leonard Mukosi

Leonard, ‘Leo’ Mukosi is a Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) Candidate in the Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program at the University of Arizona, James E Rogers College of Law. Leo has worked in the U.S, Zimbabwe and Kenya with different organizations that advocate for the rights of children and Indigenous peoples.

Interns have participated from the following schools: