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WPPSS: What Price Power?

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Name: 280DP18027.pdf
Title: WPPSS: What Price Power?
Author: Unknown
Publish Year: 1980
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March 2, 1980. This short article brings to light the enormous budget discrepancies of the Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS) surrounding construction of its five nuclear plants. The initial estimate, made nearly a decade before this article was written, called for a $4.1 million budget while the 1980 proposal had increased that number to $15.6 million. The article accentuates a general lack of confidence in the ability of WPPSS to estimate their budget and points to disappointment and worry on the behalf of the WA state legislature. Factors in these cost hikes are cited as including changing regulatory requirements, labor problems, inflation and incompetence. KEYWORDS: Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS), Nuclear Power Plants, Public Utilities, WA State Legislature, Neil Strand, Senate Energy Committee, 280DP18027.