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Traditional Hawaiian Healing and Western Influence

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Name: 34-39-hilgenkamp.pdf
Title: Traditional Hawaiian Healing and Western Influence
Author: Kathryn Hilgenkamp and Colleen Pescaia
Publisher: Californian Journal of Health Promotion
Language: English
Publish Year: 1993
Publish Location: California
File uploaded by: Dr Leslie Korn


A significant number of native Hawai’ians have serious health problems related to westernization. On the islands, traditional medical practices and health promotion activities incorporate Hawai’ian healing practices so that strategies are more culturally acceptable. An overview of Hawai’ian beliefs regarding health and illness is provided. A description of Hawai’ian healers and their practices provides the most indepth explanation published. Native plants used for healing are also described. The need for Hawai’ians to be actively involved in their own health is emphasized.