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The Northwest Regional Power Bill and the Need for Public Participation

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Name: 280DP18030.pdf
Title: The Northwest Regional Power Bill and the Need for Public Participation
Author: Hon. Don Bonker
Publish Year: 1980
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Hon. Don Bonker offers his opinions on the Northwest Regional Power Bill and how imperative it would be for Congress to pass it. He also levels a degree of criticism towards the judicial branch of government in their methods of allocation, referencing salmon as an example, and warns the House that they may not want to wait for a judicial reply. Bonker speaks of the importance of maintaining section 4 of the bill, which provides for a regional council to make energy decisions. A position paper accompanies his recorded speech, which details some history on hydroelectric power and its demand in the PNW as well as the preference clause (1937) legislation that dictates that only public power districts are entitled to unlimited Federal power. Trade-offs and difficulties of the bill are mentioned but arguments in favor of passing this legislation conclude by accentuating the need for all Washington citizens to have a say in matters of public utility operations via a regional electric council. KEYWORDS: Northwest Regional Power Bill; Hon. Don Bonker; Subcommittee on Energy and Power; House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee; Puget Sound Area; Hydroelectric Power; Nuclear Power; Grand Coulee and Bonneville Dams; Conservation; Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); Aluminum Industry; Bonneville Power Administration; Public Power Council; 280DP18030.