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The Fourth World Community Trauma Study (1996 to 2006)

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Name: Indigenous_and_Diabetes_Chap_10.pdf
Title: The Fourth World Community Trauma Study (1996 to 2006)
Publish Year: 2006
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This ten-year study initiated by CWIS first began as a priority in 1996. The Study was an applied research project focusing on the evaluation and treatment of native communities, which have suffered traumatic stress due to sustained experiences with violence, torture, displacement, and attempted genocide. The Study focused on traumatized populations which have experienced "historical violence" and those populations that have experienced violence in the modern era.
Preliminary results from the study have been published in the book: "Indigenous Peoples and Diabetes Community Empowerment and Wellness" by Mariana Leal Ferreira & Gretchen Chesley Lang.
» Click here to view or download Chapter 10 by Dr. Rudolph C. Rÿser and Dr. Leslie Korn "Burying the Umbilicus: Nutrition Trauma, Diabetes and Traditional Medicine in Rural West Mexico."