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The Cultural Dimensions of Environmental Decision-Making

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Name: 293DP10000.pdf
Title: The Cultural Dimensions of Environmental Decision-Making
Author: Dr. Richard A. Griggs
Publish Year: 1994
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By explaining the role of the state and its relationship to culture, one can better
understand contemporary cultural conflict and the need to create mechanisms for
intercultural cooperation in environmental decision-making. This article will: (1)
clarify what is meant by culture and point to some common fallacies associated
with the term; (2) enumerate and explain the cultural dimensions of
environmental decision-making; (3) explain the most common basis of cultural
conflict over the environment; and (4) conclude by explaining how comanagement
schemes, decentralised decision-making, and a recognition of
group rights can both reduce conflict and help to achieve a sustainable
relationship between societies and the environment.