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Review and Analysis of Break Point Actions and Strategies

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Name: 293wb10038.pdf
Title: Review and Analysis of Break Point Actions and Strategies
Author: Rudolph C. Ryser
Publish Year: 1981
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This paper reviews and examines the principles and actions underlying the recently announced position of Indian governments. This position asserts that “tribes as political entities are not now nor have they ever been a part of the Canadian federation.” Furthermore, Indian governments are seeking a “trilateral conference on the political status of Indigenous peoples in Canada to clarify their political relationship to the United Kingdom.” The Indian position also asserts that “Canada should not be permitted to become a wholly independent state through the patriation of their constitution from Britain until Indian government political status is clarified.” It ends with an analysis of political impact, as well as an analysis of short-term and long-term objectives and timetables which may be used as a future guide.