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Nuclear dilemma perils Northwest power supply

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Name: 280DP18023.pdf
Title: Nuclear dilemma perils Northwest power supply
Author: Unknown
Publish Year: 1980
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February 8, 1980. This article recounts how state and federal authorities voiced concern on the issue of finding enough energy in the Northwest to satisfy electric customers? needs. In a related event, Sterling Munro of BPA calls for removing restrictions on all forms of energy resource development. The article also reports on the status of different nuclear and coal-fired power plant construction projects, any public opposition that accompanies them, and how both of these factors would influence the public?s electric rates. KEYWORDS: Sterling Munro, Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS), Nuclear Power, Coal-fired Power, Oregon, Public Utilities, Portland General Electric Co., Pacific Power & Light Co., Seattle, Critical Stream flows, WA State Legislature, Energy Conservation, 280DP18023