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Native Hawaiian Health in Hawaii: Historical Highlights

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Name: 01-09-hope.pdf
Title: Native Hawaiian Health in Hawaii: Historical Highlights
Author: Bradley E. Hope and Janette Harbottle Hope
Publisher: Californian Journal of Health Promotion
Language: English
Publish Year: 2003
Publish Location: California
File uploaded by: Dr Leslie Korn


The Hawaiians still have evidence of remarkable spiritual, mental, and physical illness since western contact over two centuries ago. Their pure blooded population has decreased by more than 98% but the mixed Hawaiians are approximately near pre-contact pure blooded levels, at 400,000. 60,000 (15%) people with Hawaiian ancestry now live in California. This paper attempts to provide a detailed but concise historical summary of health in Hawaii and of Native Hawaiians. Also, an attempt is made to educate health providers, and to help them take better care of their Native Hawaiian and traditional patients.