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Inflation hits utility firms, too, state official warns

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Name: 280DP18033.pdf
Title: Inflation hits utility firms, too, state official warns
Author: Lyle Burt
Publish Year: 1980
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March 30, 1980. This short article addresses the rising cost of utilities in Washington State, claiming that even more increases could be expected. In particular, four major rate increases were put before the State Utilities and Transportation Commission (U.T.C.). These utilities included water, natural gas, phone service and electricity. In fact, rate increases on electricity were approved. The issue of rate increases was partially due to the costly construction of more power plants and the fact that bonds were becoming harder to sell. Robert Bailey, chairman of the U.T.C., mentions the conflict his commission felt between maintaining low costs for ratepayers and protecting the public by allowing companies? rate increases. Bailey further expresses his opinion about possible solutions via conservation, saying, ?We?re highly for conservation, but that won?t be enough.? The article concludes with a breakdown of how rate-increases from the four major utility companies would affect residential customers? costs. KEYWORDS: Pacific Northwest Utilities, Puget Sound Power and Light Co; Pacific Northwest Bell; Washington Natural Gas Co; Washington Water Power Co; State Utilities and Transportation Commission; Northwest Natural Gas; Vancouver; Inflation; 280DP18033