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In the Power Crunch, Aluminum Won Out

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Name: 280DP18025.pdf
Title: In the Power Crunch, Aluminum Won Out
Author: Joel Connelly
Publish Year: 1980
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February 15, 1980. This article provides a recap on how the aluminum industry borrowed power from the Bonneville Power Administration in late 1979, during a time when the BPA and other utility officials were warning of an electrical shortage. The article references disagreement in opinions on whether or not the BPA was ??an operating arm of the private industry.? Further, the concept of ?firm energy? is mentioned as well as which bodies are allowed to use it. The procedures for borrowing firm energy, when it is available, are outlined in this article and there is a substantial focus on the relationship between energy companies and the aluminum industry. KEYWORDS: Portland General Electric Co (PGE), Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), Energy, Aluminum Industry, Public Utilities, Seattle City Light, Hydroelectric Power, Columbia River, 280DP18025.