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Honor the 4th World: An Alternative to State Domination

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Name: 2014-Honor-the-4th-World_-An-Alternative-to-State-Domination.pdf
Title: Honor the 4th World: An Alternative to State Domination
Author: Rudolph C. Rÿser
Publisher: Indian Country Today Media
Language: English
Publish Year: 2014
Publish Location: US
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Let us stipulate from the very outset that international states own, control and regulate an institution called the United Nations. It is their organization and they can do with it what ever they chose. Fourth World nations are not members of the UN. They sit outside that body. To be a member, as the Palestinians have learned, takes the embrace of the member states. Let us also note that the UN Third Committee accepted the proposal from the State of Bolivia in 2010 to convene the United Nations High-Level Plenary Session of the General Assembly and would call that session of the UN the “World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.” Neither of these facts can be contested.