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Getting to the Roots: Causes of Deforestation

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Name: ReportGettingtotheroots.pdf
Title: Getting to the Roots: Causes of Deforestation
Author: Ronnie Hall and Janneke Romijn
Publisher: Global Forest Coalition
Publish Year: 2010
Publish Location: Asuncióm Paraguay
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In just the same way that a healthy growing tree is rooted in deep and fertile soil, our efforts to restore the world’s forests should be rooted in a sound and detailed understanding of both the problems to be dealt with and the many successful examples of forest restoration around the world.

Yet there seems to be little interest in identifying the real underlying causes of forest loss and restoration, and putting effective responses to conserve and restore forests in place. Instead, global
forest policies and incentive schemes designed to tackle deforestation and forest degradation continue to be dictated by commercial and other economic interests. It is deeply disturbing that governments are prepared to risk yet another failed attempt to stop deforestation in light of the climate and biodiversity crises that Mother Earth and humanity currently face.

This GFC report is the result of a multi-year collaboration with input from hundreds of forest experts around the world. They bring a positive and encouraging message to the table: that deforestation and forest degradation can indeed be successfully tackled, and forest conservation and restoration
enhanced, by tackling the real underlying causes of forest loss.