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Final Draft – Nuclear Waste Briefing Paper

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Name: 280DP18008.pdf
Title: Final Draft - Nuclear Waste Briefing Paper
Author: Unknown
Publish Year: 0000
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This 132-page final draft provides an overview of nuclear waste management, with a focus on the proposed location and management of nuclear waste repositories across the United States. The first part includes issues for tribal consideration, a historical and technical perspective on nuclear energy, the science and expansion of the nuclear power industry, potential benefits and problems associated with nuclear power, the issue of nuclear waste, and federal responsibilities. The second part outlines the impacts of nuclear waste/power on Tribal Governments. This includes things in the socio-economic realm, matters of transporting nuclear waste, as well as possible provisions for Tribal Government participation. The document contains illustrations, maps, and diagrams depicting things such as the commercial nuclear fuel cycle, permanent repositories, radioactive waste package labels, potential repository site maps, etc. There are also four appendices, including a glossary, and a bibliography at the end. KEYWORDS: Department of Energy; United States Congress; Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982; Nuclear Waste Repositories; Nuclear Waste National Indian Review Committee; Tribal Governments; National Congress on American Indians; Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management; Council of Energy Resource Tribes; Basalt; Salt; Tuff; Crystalline & Granite Rock Formations; Consultation and Cooperation Agreements; Coeur d’Alene Tribe, Idaho; Las Vegas Tribe, Nevada; Mississippi Band of Choctaw, Mississippi; Moapa Indian Tribe, Nevada; Navajo Indian tribe, Nevada; Nez Perce Tribe, Idaho; Uintah-Ouray Tribe, Utah; Umatilla Tribe, Oregon; Yakima Nation, Washington; Bad River Tribe, Wisconsin; Lac Courte Oreilles Tribe, Wisconsin; Lac du Flambeau; Menominee Tribe, Wisconsin; Menominee Tribe, Wisconsin; Oneida Tribe, Wisconsin; Red Cliff Tribe, Wisconsin; Sokaogon Chippewa Tribe, Wisconsin; St. Croix Tribe, Wisconsin; Nett Lake Tribe, Minnesota; Fond duLac Tribe, Minnesota; Grand Portage Tribe, Minnesota; Mille Lacs Tribe, Minnesota; Bay Mills Tribe, Minnesota; Grand Traverse Band, Michigan; Keweenaw Bay Tribe, Michigan; Hannahville Indian Community Council, Michigan; 280DP18008