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Energy in the Pacific Northwest

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Name: 280DP18029.pdf
Title: Energy in the Pacific Northwest
Author: Hon. Al Swift
Publish Year: 1980
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March 11, 1980. In this excerpt from the Congressional Record, Hon. Al Swift addresses the U.S. House of Representatives on energy-related concerns in the Pacific Northwest. He calls attention to the region?s dependence on electrical power as compared to other regions as well as the quantity of electricity that PNW uses because of its unique geography. Swift then introduces a ?totally revised? version of the Pacific Northwest Electric Power Planning and Conservation Act. His proposed bill put an emphasis on conservation and use of renewable resources, including a $1.25 billion fund for accelerated development and consumer-owned renewable resources. His bill further deviated from a former Senate bill in regards to preference access and council structure. KEYWORDS: Hon. Al Swift; Pacific Northwest Electric Power Planning and Conservation Act; Bonneville Power Administration; Grand Coulee Dam; Hydroelectric Power; Power Utilities; House of Representatives; U.S. Senate; S. 885; Public Power Council; 280DP18029.