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Energy Committee Sparks Controversy

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Name: 280DP18032.pdf
Title: Energy Committee Sparks Controversy
Author: Maggie L. Lawson
Publish Year: 1980
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March 20, 1980. This article discusses the controversial issue of energy policy in the US Congress in 1980. Congressman Jerry M. Patterson put forth a resolution to create an energy committee in the House, which the Select Committee on Committees approved. This measure apparently did not simplify the debate on legislative options for energy concerns in Congress, but rather introduced new questions, such as the scope of jurisdiction that said committee and its members would have. This decision was made despite the fact that 83 committees and subcommittees existed within the House. Furthermore, other options prevailed at this time, including the Patterson resolution, Gramm Substitute and Bingham substitute. Differences between these approaches are explained as well as varying opinions of critics and supporters. KEYWORDS: Energy Policy; Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee; US Congress; Nuclear Energy; Energy and Power Subcommittee; 280DP18032