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CWIS Food Security, FAO and the UNNWP

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Name: 260DP060111.rtf
Title: CWIS Food Security, FAO and the UNNWP
Author: Rudolph Rÿser
Publisher: CWIS
Publish Year: 2011
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The UN Food and Agriculture Organization authorized the establishment of the Committee on World Food Security which in turn asked it High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (HLPE) to undertake a year-long study on climate change and food security. The Panel will seek to identify effective food security strategies to reduce the adverse affects of climate change on the availability of food and nutrition among the most vulnerable regions and populations. The Center for World Indigenous Studies makes several recommendations for the focus of this High Level Panel of Experts study on food security…

“The only way to protect and preserve wild plants and animals is to leave them in the care of indigenous communities that have cultures directly connected to the continuity of those things,” (quoting Rudolph Ryser) This approach ensures biodiversity while maximizing effective strategies for responding to the adverse effects of climate change. Implementing this approach at the micro-climate level will minimize the prospects of climate change refugees from indigenous peoples’ communities and maximize the availability of water the the most vulnerable peoples.