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Considering a Theory of Cultural Trauma and Loss

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Name: cultural_trauma_and_loss-stamm.pdf
Title: Considering a Theory of Cultural Trauma and Loss
Author: B. Hudnall Stamm, Henry E. Stammiv, Amyc. Hudnall, Craig Higson-Smith
Publisher: Brunner Routledge
Language: English
Publish Year: 2003
Publish Location: Idaho, USA
File uploaded by: Dr Leslie Korn


The authors propose a model of cultural trauma and revitalization.The theory suggests a framework for understanding disruptions that an ‘‘original’’culture might suffer at the imposition of an ‘‘arriving’’culture resulting in vulnerabilities of individuals, families=small groups, communities, and the larger societies. The cultural clash model posits that original cultures have identifiable and sustainable economic, social, political, and spiritual systems in the pre-contact era. Exposure to an arriving culture can radically alter the character and sustainability of the original culture. Emergence from the challenge can lead to cultural dissolution, but there can also be revitalization and reorganization. This can occur if the injured culture lays claim to economic and social