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Community Mobilization on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation

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Name: 293wb10055.pdf
Title: Community Mobilization on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation
Author: Scott McLean
Publish Year: 1995
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Community mobilization has been viewed as a useful and
productive method to change perceptions and ultimately
action. On a reservation distinctly tired of programs which
have little perceptible affect on the community, members
have readily expressed frustration at the lack of local
control. Programs which work in one community may well fail
in another. The lack of predictability creates the necessity
for a re-examination of needs and methods to address those
needs each time a new program comes to town. When the
prescriptive program is over, the members cite another
“tumbleweed” program without success. One way to counter
this perception is to ask local community members what they
perceive to be the risks, the needs, and constructive ways
to address them. The combination of community member input
and commitment with sufficient resources has enabled the
Warm Springs Healthy Nations Group to form a mobilizing