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BPA: Stonewalling by public utilities means shortages

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Name: 280DP18039.pdf
Title: BPA: Stonewalling by public utilities means shortages
Author: Dean Katz
Publish Year: 1980
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April 20, 1980. This article, documenting what was an ongoing debate over electrical utilities in the Pacific Northwest, points to how expected energy shortages of the time were potential roadblocks for the Bonneville Power Administration. In particular, an interior memo sent by L.A. Dean, chief of BPA?s power-supply branch, leveled a minor case of blame and due responsibility towards the state agency for not figuring out how to supply sufficient energy during the forthcoming 1980s. The debate provoked by the memo affected inter-company outlooks and drew attention from Congressman and other regulatory groups, such as Bruce Mizer of the Public Power Council. Earl Gjelde, assistant power manager, said that BPA ?simply won?t supply power where there isn?t any. In that case, the governors of the four Northwest states will have to restrict power use.? KEYWORDS: Bonneville Power Administration (BPA); Public Power Council; Northwest Power Bill; Nuclear Power; Electricity; Utilities; Aluminum Industry; 280DP18039