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BPA, fearing shortage, budgets power purchase

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Name: 280DP18020.pdf
Title: BPA, fearing shortage, budgets power purchase
Author: Unknown
Publish Year: 1980
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This article outlines some details on the BPA?s proposed budget for fiscal year 1981, which includes $25 million for buying replacement power from firms. Supposedly, the issue was, in part, due to anticipated power shortages because of critical stream flows and weather conditions but also related to the behind-schedule construction of planned new power-producing facilities. The article further explains budget information of the Bonneville Power Administration and how Congress approval is needed for some projects. KEYWORDS: Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), Sterling Munro, Energy, Water, Public Utilities, Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS), Nuclear Energy, Construction Financing, U.S. Congress, 280DP18020.