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Name: 280DP15002D.pdf
Title: 280DP15002
Author: Various
Publish Year: 1986
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Variety of letters, etc. in regards to Geneva Correspondance. This is the second set of a collection. Thomas S. McAnally, Rances S. Smith, Rudy Ryser, Jacques Seronde, Joe Tallakson, Thomas E. Luebben, Luebben, Hughes, Tomita & Borg, The News Service of the United Methodist Church, Seveth, Generation Fund, Duckwater Shoshone Tribe, Janniett Lorenzini, Washington State University, Department of Anthropology, John H. Bodley, World Conference: Indigenous Peoples’ Education, Diana Phillips, University Of Queensland, David Hyndman, The Antislavery, Julian Burger, Francoise Geiger, The University of Lethbridge, Menno Boldt, Indian Law Resource Center, Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz, Robert T. Coulter, Chockie Cottier, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, William Casey, Jerry Taylor, Gernard Nietschman, Department of Geography, University of California-Berkeley, Dr. Edmund Vargas, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Joseph E. Fallon, Armstrong Wiggins, Indian Law Resource Center, The Miskitu Indians of Nicaragua, Five Rings Corporation, John J. Badoud Jr., Gouvernement De La Republic de Vanuatu, J Natuman, The Ford Foundation, Stephen P. Marks, Fourth World Mitigation Project, La Course Communications Corporation, Hermant Shah, Indiana University, Center for World Indigenous Studies, O Kwa Ri inc., Amerindian Company, Kariwaro’roks News Journal, Peter blue Cloud, Aroniawenrate, University of Colorado-Boulder, Ward Churchill, Freedom Socialist Party, Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, Confederated Tribes and Bands Yakima, Northwest Coalition against Malicious Harassment, INC., Cultural Survival, Republic of Nicaragua, Republica De Nicaragua.