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Preventing and Treating
Diabetes Type 2

Our work emphasizes the prevention and treatment of diabetes by restoring health with nutrient-dense, authentic traditional foods and natural medicines that reflect the best of ancient wisdom and modern science.

We recognize recovery from historical trauma, PTSD, stress, sedentism and food insecurity as among the essential steps towards health and self-care.

We have been working with individuals, families, tribal communities and health agencies for over 40 years to incorporate these methods for successful results.
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Learn about the history of our work  Nutrients for Natives


Preventing and Treating Diabetes Type 2, Naturally

Preventing and Treating Diabetes Type 2, Naturally

Your Comprehensive Guide to Food, Herbs, Supplements, Recipes, Energy Medicine, Massage and Exercise

“Diabetes Type 2 is a modern disease and a disease of modern ways of living”
In Preventing and Treating Diabetes Naturally, Dr. Korn and Dr. Rÿser present satate-of-the-art, integrative approaches to restoring health.

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Preventing and Treating Diabetes Naturally

Preventing and Treating Diabetes Naturally

The Native Way

Learn a holistic approach to prevention and treatment, integrating Pacific Northwest American Indian healing traditions with complementary/alternative medicine.

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Salish Country Cookbook

Salish Country Cookbook

Traditional Foods & Medicines from the Pacific Northwest

This book is a celebration of Salish knowledge with ancient roots in the land and the sea. Contains recipes that use Northwest native foods and medicines gathered and prepared in ways suitable for the 21st century kitchen.

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Preventing and Treating Diabetes Type 2, Naturally

Read Chapter 1: “Culture and the Principles of Traditional Healing”.

Relaxation Reduces Blood Glucose Levels

Listen to this diabetes relaxation audio by Dr. Leslie Korn.

Preventing and Treating Diabetes Naturally, The Native Way

Listen to the Audio Introduction.

Prevenir y Tratar la Diabetes Tipo 2, Naturalmente

Descarga el Capítulo 1: Cultura y Principios de la Sanación Tradicional

Póster Infografía: Principios para Prevenir la Diabetes Tipo 2

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Infographic Poster: Diabetes Prevention Principles

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