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Center for Traditional Medicine

Infusing the healing arts and sciences with cultural wisdom since 1977.
Traditional medicine is the “mother” of all medicine. More than 80% of the world’s population uses a form of traditional medicine to treat primary health. The intimate connection between life on earth and the living universe has formed the foundation for virtually all systems of healing for millennia.

Learn about health and healing

  • Explore the relationships among trauma, mind, body and health
  • Apply local knowledge of medicinal plants and wild foods
  • Advance social justice via health care

Enhance cultural competency

We conduct research and provide clinical education, training and consultation that combines indigenous systems of healing with complementary and integrative medicine and public health care.

Areas of Focus

Medicinal Plants
and Wild Foods
Mental Health Nutrition
Cultural, Historical & Nutritional Trauma
Diabetes Type 2 and 3

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Consult with us

We have a team of expert researchers, analysts, facilitators and trainers to respond to requests from tribal governments.

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