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Category: Economy

Local and accessible

December 9, 2007

It is often said that progress is inevitable and that things will always get better as a result of progress. In recent years my own observation, as I am sure…

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Isolated Incidents

December 7, 2007

Three recent news items caught my eye this week. One on Canadian mining corporations supporting murderous dictators around the globe, another on Yahoo selling the IDs of four dissident writers…

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Human Need and Nature’s Capacity to Restore

November 29, 2007

In Canada and the United States about 5% of tribal economies are so-called “informal.” In Mexico about twenty percent of the indigenous community economy is considered by conventional economists as…

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Mexico is Booming, The People Suffer

November 19, 2007

As I looked out of my window flying from  Monterey, Mexico to Houston, Texas one afternoon two weeks ago I looked out on a landscape that once contained hundreds of…

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Modern Symbols Market Tradition

November 16, 2007

To be healthy means to be rich. This reality is widely understood and accepted within contemporary western society. The trend is towards a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Aspects that have…

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Its not easy Being “Green”

November 9, 2007

The Russians dump nuclear waste in the Arctic seas, the Republic of Congo sees companies with the consent of some government officials dump 20 metric tons of toxic waste into…

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NAFTA destroys self-reliant economies–promotes mass migration

November 2, 2007

Mexico is a state where two distinct economies operate side-by-side: The corporate economy of development and capitalism, and the self-reliant economy of stable of subsistence communities. Since the formal declaration…

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Chief George Manuel Memorial Indigenous Library

The library is dedicated to the memory of Secwepemc Chief George Manuel (1921-1989), to the nations of the Fourth World and to the elders and generations to come.

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