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Category: Artby - Mirjam Hirch

Indian Tribes’ Case To Reach The Supreme Court

April 13, 2012

The Dongria Kondh people fight against the mining of bauxite in their ancestral lands, the Niyamgiri hills in India. Their battle is “not just that of an isolated tribe for…

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‘Human Safaris’ in India

February 5, 2012

Uncontacted until recently the Jarawa of the Andaman Islands in India are exposed to potential abuse. Disrespectful tourists come in droves to take photos and make illegal films of the…

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President Obama’s speech to Native American Leadership Committee

January 28, 2012

President Obama held a speech on Friday, January 27th in front of about 75 American Indian leaders who attended a fundraiser for his reelection campaign. In his address Obama expresses…

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2011 White House Tribal Nations Conference

December 3, 2011

President Obama in his recent speech at the White House Tribal Nations conference underlines the fact that “Native Americans face unemployment and poverty rates that are far higher than the…

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Traditional Knowledge and Modern Science

October 27, 2011

Traditional knowledge is more and more in the focus of attention. Especially in the circumpolar North Indigenous knowledge it is acknowledged can be crucial to better understand the dynamics and…

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Suicide Prevention

October 26, 2011

Suicide remains an epidemic among Alaska Natives most of who have been affected by the tragedy of suicide in some way. To improve health and decrease rates of suicide and…

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Native Voices Exhibition

October 6, 2011

An exhibition “Native Voices: Native Peoples’ Concepts of Health and Illness,” opens today at the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland. The exhibition tries to ‘map’ an Indigenous cultural…

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Healing Totem Journey

September 19, 2011

A healing totem pole by master carver Jewell James of the Lummi nation near Belingham, WA, USA on Sept. 13 has embarked on a 4,000 mile cross-country journey from the…

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Opening of exceptional circumpolar institute- EALAT

March 24, 2011

Indigenous peoples and scholars are gathering in the far North today for the opening of a unique circumpolar institute, the EALAT Institute, in Kautokeino, Norway. A Sami elder states about who…

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2010 White House Tribal Nations Conference

December 15, 2010

It is a historic event. Alaska Native and Native American leaders will meet with President Obama at the White House Tribal Nations Conference, held at the headquarters of the Department…

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Chief George Manuel Memorial Indigenous Library

The library is dedicated to the memory of Secwepemc Chief George Manuel (1921-1989), to the nations of the Fourth World and to the elders and generations to come.

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