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Table of Contents

Biodiversity Wars. Coexistence or Biocultural Collapse in the 21st Century


Chapter 1
  • Indigenous Nations and Modern States (a review)
  • Where we are standing decides our point of view –The Fear of Nations
  • Nations in a World of Nations
  • Fourth World Geopolitics in a world of Nations and states
Chapter 2
A General Theory of International Relations
  • International Relations in the Temporal Pause
  • International Relations in Theory
  • Nations, Nationalism and Statism
Chapter 3
Self-Determination, the Blue Water Rule and Non-Self-Dismemberment
  • The Limits of Self-Determination?
  • Nations’ and States’ Interests Require Concrete
  • Why should states and nations seek settlement?
  • Choosing Honest, Good Faith Engagement
  • Reluctant State Acceptance Agreement
  • Human Rights
  • Direct State-Nation Negotiations
  • Building Trust and Confidence
Chapter 4
Where Nations Step In Nationalism
  • Clashes between nations
Chapter 5
Cold, Warm and Hot Wars for Land and Resources
  • Methods for Studying Fourth World Wars
  • An Analysis of Fourth World Wars from 1945 to 2019
  • What are the Roots of Fourth World Wars?
  • Where are Fourth World Wars?
  • Nations Thrust into Europe’s Concept of Government
  • Culture, Land and Status
  • Fourth World Wars In Sum
Chapter 6
Nations Targeted for Genocide, A Remedy
  • The Uyghurs of East Turkestan—Western PR of China
  • A Story of the Beginning European Genocides in North America
  • Canada’s Early Admission to the Crime
  • Genocide and Culturcide: Restitution or Sanctions?
  • Genocide by other means
  • Recovering from Genocide: The Case of Yezidi
  • The Yezidi Story
  • A Fourth World International Criminal Court on Genocide
Chapter 7
Nations under the Nuclear Cloud


Chapter 8
Nations Locked Inside States


Chapter 9
Internally Displaced Peoples, Migrants and Refugees


Chapter 10
Laboratory of Internal Political Status
  • Options for Fourth World Nations’ Political Status
  • What do the Political Status Forms Mean?
  • Integrated Nation
  • Autonomous Nation
  • Associated Nation
  • Independently Federated Nation
  • Independent Nation-State
  • Integrated Nation
  • Kalaallit Nunaat
  • Autonomous Nation
  • Yapti Tasba
Chapter 11
Laboratory of External Political Change


Chapter 12
The Global Movement of Nations
  • From “Local” to “Global”
  • Colonized to Recolonization—Nations and States on the Same Soil
  • The International Realm
  • The UN Declaration on Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Debate and the ILO
  • The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • Right of Self-Determination in the United States
  • International Right to Self-Determination
  • Organizing the International Indigenous Peoples’ Agenda
  • Last Thoughts
Chapter 13
Remediation and Coexistence


Chapter 14
World of Nations and States A Congress of Nations and States


A new international Arrangement in the face of global Crisis
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