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Exploiters must be made to pay the Price!

Published: January 3, 2018, Author: Rÿser Rudolph C.
Exploiters must be made to pay the Price!

David Archambault II, the former chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe led the defense of his nation against the Dakota Access pipeline–a conflict with the United States and Oil companies. He is no longer the leader of the Standing Rock Sioux Chairman and now he says the defense of his nation brought more awareness to the “rights of native americans.” Bring awareness did not stop the pipeline and the present and future disasters it portends. Archambault says “he has hope” that things will get better, but he points to the Trumplicans and their leader Donny as being intent on exploiting indigenous peoples and their territories. What Archambault didn’t note in his interview with Al Jazeera’s Faisal Edroos is that exploitation isn’t stopping because the companies and the Trumplicans aren’t faced with paying a price they are unwilling to pay. Indigenous peoples must raise the price, the cost, for kleptocrats like the Trumplicans and companies that know no limits to growth and exploitation. We urge Archambault and other leaders to raise the price by invoking the powers of their governments and their people beyond “making others aware.” The cost must be significantly more than what the exploiters are willing to pay to stop their cold war on indigenous nations. See Archambault’s interview: here.

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