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Mask of Terror

Published: January 6, 2017, Author: AngelSupport

The failed US attempt at overthrowing the Syrian government?—?that involved the masterful use of public relations via internet video?—?made use of the non-profit industrial complex and social media to dupe American progressives into believing Islamic terrorist gangs wearing white helmets were heroes. As reported at WKOG, the gangs hired by the US Government via its ally Turkey were intimately connected with Al-Nusra?—?the Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria. Promoted on Netflix as good guys, the White Helmets received widespread support from naive Americans, including Hollywood stars like George Clooney. Meanwhile, Syria, like Afghanistan and Iraq, is a disaster area destroyed by the US and UK for the benefit of the military-humanitarian-industrial complex that has taken networked psychological warfare (Netwar) to new heights.

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