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The Goldman Rule

Published: December 11, 2016, Author: JayTaber

In case there was any doubt, power in the modern world is contingent upon control of oil. It was that way when Nazi Germany invaded North Africa, and when the United States invaded Iraq.

Consequently, investors who control oil also control modern states, in Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. They bankroll politicians, media, and social movements — both overtly and clandestinely. They choose who to depose, where to invade, and what is known.

In the United States, the epitome of oil investors is Goldman Sachs, which prospers from fracking and offshore drilling, and was bailed out by US taxpayers — along with the rest of Wall Street — when they lost their shirt gambling on market speculation in 2008–2009.

Trump’s choice to lead the National Economic Council is from Goldman Sachs, as is his pick for Treasury Secretary, and for the chief White House strategist.

Goldman Sachs financed both presidential campaigns for Obama, and supplied his Treasury Secretary as well. Obama’s Justice Department quashed the investigation of Goldman Sachs’ criminal violations when the Treasury Secretary under George W. Bush (also from Goldman Sachs) oversaw the Wall Street bailout.

Under President Clinton, his Treasury Secretary from Goldman Sachs manipulated banking laws that made it all possible.

As reported at The Intercept, “Goldman Sachs always wins.”

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