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New Age Ghost Dance

Published: May 20, 2016, Author: AngelSupport

The 350 Break Free mass hysteria campaign has seduced both indigenous and non-indigenous climate activists with the ‘clean energy’ chimera. The problem is that ‘clean energy’ doesn’t work.

Like the 350 KXL and Divestment campaigns, the Break Free campaign is a fraud devised by public relations people working on behalf of Wall Street. As a fossil fuel industry-funded Trojan Horse, 350 is misleading these activists into thinking ‘clean energy’ is our salvation, when in fact it is not even remotely technologically possible to displace fossil fuel with solar cells and come anywhere near meeting current electrical demand.

The highly toxic materials produced in the manufacture of solar panels, combined with the fact that they do not even reduce CO2–due to fossil fuels used in this production–makes so-called ‘clean energy’ a dangerous Green Illusion. To make matters worse, the toxic greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacture of solar cells are 10,000-25,000 times more potent than the CO2 emissions generated by burning fossil fuel.

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