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Nations in the Nuclear Cloud

Published: September 28, 2015, Author: Rÿser Rudolph C.

Seventy years after the first nuclear bomb detonation in 1945 as of July 2015 indigenous peoples’ territories and peoples remain at greatest health and environmental risk to radioactive and toxic chemical exposure of any peoples in the world.  Fourth World nations’ territories and peoples in Siberia, Kazakhstan and Kirgystan, Marshall Islands and Polynesia, Australia, northwestern China, northwestern India and western Pakistan and tribal territories in the western United States of America are among the hottest nuclear radiation and toxic chemical zones in the world. In the US alone nuclear waste sites pepper the whole country.

Nuclear Waste locations in the US

More than 2000 nuclear bomb detonations were conducted on mostly lands of Fourth World peoples by all of the nuclear bomb states with this tally of country bomb tests as of 1998 when tests were ended with a nuclear test ban treaty though North Korea and other countries have or may have detonated nuclear bombs in the years after 1998 (SEE SOURCES OF THE NUCLEAR CLOUD BELOW **)

Fourth World nations are located in the middle of the world’s worst radioactive and toxic chemical waste dump with 60% of the US produced waste located on the Hanford Nuclear reservation. In my view your observations about “radio active vapors” emanating from Hanford’s Zone 2 is only part of the much larger story of businesses contracted with the Department of Energy failing to meet the challenge of US government produced radioactive and toxic chemical wastes.

What increasingly seems apparent to even the least informed observer is that neither the scientists in the US government’s Department of Energy nor the scientists and engineers in the various companies contracted to clean up the Hanford Nuclear waste site understand what they are doing in terms of medium and long-term implications. Trial and Error appears to be the methodology. Just as the scientists who in 1945 created the atomic bomb had little or no understanding of what the short, medium and long-term implications of their experiments would have on all nature’s life and environment the scientists, administrators and US politicians appear not to have any idea of what they are doing with the radioactive and toxic chemical waste.It would appear that “cleaning up” for profit is quite profitable and even more so when cleaning up means trying out a myriad of methods and extending the final day of completion.

The Yakama Nation is perhaps the only government in the world that can actually change things for the good. The Yakama Nation has many tools at its disposal that it must, if it is serious about the problem, employ now. The US government has failed. The State of Washington has failed, and it is apparent that Indian nations may fail as well if they do not take a proactive posture to address the political, economic, scientific, cultural, social and environmental consequence of the US government and State of Washington failures. Yakama people and their neighbors are the one’s who have and will continue to suffer if this gigantic problem is not tamed and settled.

(Sources of the Nuclear Cloud **)

  • United States        1032 Detonations
  • Russia (USSR)        715 Detonations
  • France                      210 Detonations
  • United Kingdom      45 Detonations
  • China                          45 Detonations
  • India                             4 Detonations
  • Israel                            4 Detonations
  • Pakistan                       2 Detonations

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