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Human Rights Deniers

Published: May 8, 2015, Author: Rÿser Rudolph C.

Fourth World nations’ desire to use international human rights laws to protect their interests and prevent depredations on their culture, land, and way of life has come at a time when UN member states are abandoning Human Rights laws.

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With the reelection of David Cameron as the UK prime ministership and the sweeping election of Tory MPs the UK government is now headed in the same direction as the governments of Russia, France, China, USA, Vietnam, Namibia, and Guatemala on Human Rights policy. All of these governments have begun to abandon commitments under international Human Rights laws or they have long since abandoned them. It seems “state reactionary government” is on the move to close of immigration, normalize torture by renaming these practices “enhanced interrogation,” expand security state controls over civilian populations (note the “5 Eyes” agreement between the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada permitting each country the ability to deny spying on their domestic population by sharing information from one of the other states permitted to do the spying), denial of the right to vote, denial of the right to wear certain garments, denial of educational opportunity and more.

This pattern was begun fifteen years ago just when Fourth World nations were beginning to see the light at the United Nations–the body many nations view as their savior to protect the collective rights and the rights of individuals.

The fact that five the world’s “human rights deniers” sit as the United Nations Security Council may well give Fourth World nations pause as they enter the maze of Human Rights Rituals.

Not only that, the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues has set an agenda with the United Nations Economic and Social Council to further weaken Fourth World nations by encouraging states’ governments to exact greater control over FW nation specific information and database data concerning every aspect of the lives of nations. Instead of promoting greater Fourth World nation political, legal and economic authority, the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues now seeks to encourage greater state control over the lives, property and future of Fourth World nations through state control over land, resources, health, education and political authority.

Given the denial of Human Rights by significant states it would seem a folly of great proportions to entrust these same states and other states with greater control over the lives and property of indigenous peoples.

This is a serious mistake. Nations, beware!

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