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Indigenous Knowledge Denied in AZ

Published: February 16, 2015, Author: Rÿser Rudolph C.

As might be expected the tangible, educational successes borne from the implementation of indigenous knowledge has again slammed into bigoted, legislative and judicial barriers in a settler state (United States of America). Incredibly The Arizona State legislature enacted and the governor signed a law to effectively bar the state school system from developing and operating programs “of instruction any course or classes” that explore and apply knowledge that is NOT based in the “greco-roman” knowledge system. A Tucson high school Mexican-American studies program offers students studies In Lak Ech-Tu Eres eres mi Otro Yo, the Mexica Calendar and the Four Tezcatlipoas all rooted in the Anáhuac Knowledge System of Mexico.

Despite the fact that young learns demonstrate great success graduating from school (90%) and entering college (70%) the settler descendents fearing the powerful influences of this 7000 year old knowledge system choose to ignore the important education achievements while denying the relevance of nine international treaties, conventions and declarations requiring tolerance and acceptance of indigenous knowledge in education and cultural life. Read Roberto Rodriquez’s Op-Ed and then let the Arizona State Legislature, the Governor of Arizona and the Chief Justice of the Arizona court know what you think!

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