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Rama & Gran Canal Lunacy

Published: January 7, 2015, Author: Rÿser Rudolph C.

The Rama people in southeastern Atlantic Coast Nicaragua are located in the path of a deep water canal to connect the Caribbean with the Pacific Ocean. The states of Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia are supporting Nicaragua’s bid to build the Gran Canal with Chinese army financial support. A front for the Chinese army in Hong Kong (HK Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Co. Ltd [HKND Group]) was selected by Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega to build this $40 billion canal

THE GRAN CANAL: Chinese Army’s Financial Future through Rama Territory

The traditional community of Bangkukuk speaks out in opposition to the Gran Canal.  The Canal plans cut through Rama Territory and if built will destroy pristine tropical forests as well as Rama communities. This promises to be a bio-cultural disaster in the making only to produce money for the Chinese, enhance Chinese power and make a few Hong Kong and Nicaraguan investors rich.

See where the people, the land and the water ways will be dramatic damaged. Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega is opposed by many in his own government, yet he presses on to seek development of the canal.  WHY?  Political power and Money I venture to suggest!

The governments of Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua appear to be captured by neo-liberal economic ideology and will seek power and money at the expense of people and the land. All of the investors must be exposed for the crimes they are about to commit. When ideology commands the thinking of states’ government leaders or Fourth World nations’ government leaders the people and the land are the losers. Life sustaining biological diversity and cultural diversity must now stop this ideological stupidity. All of us must for our own sake act to stop the Gran Canal Lunacy.

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