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Alyssa Macy Appointed Fellow in FGE

Published: November 27, 2014, Author: AngelSupport
Alyssa Macy Appointed Fellow in FGE

Alyssa Macy has been appointed to the post of Fellow for International Policy under the Center for World Indigenous Studies Forum for Global Relations program. She is a resident of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Reservation (home to Wasco, Tenino and Paiute) at Warm Springs.

Dr. Ryser stated as he appoint Ms. Macy on behalf of the CWIS Board of Directors:

“…it is my pleasure to inform you of a three-year appointment …. Your professional experience and background in the fields of communications, social media marketing, and international indigenous policy development … have prepared you to assume the functions of a Fellow at the Center for World Indigenous Studies.

Dr. Ryser continued describing some of Ms. Macy’s key assignments including: “…the development, source funding and conduct of a field project tentatively entitled “Community Indigenous Rights Action” and “… function within the Center’s Education Program under the Graduate Certificate Program as a member of the faculty designing and developing online courses you will teach through the CWIS WEB Conferences and digital course room.”

Ms. Macy will also write articles and essays, direct video productions, and present her opinions and knowledge in public speeches and media interviews throughout her appointment. Her professional background and career is extensive.

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