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Sovereign Scotland and More

Published: September 17, 2014, Author: Rÿser Rudolph C.

Scotland’s draft constitution begins with the words: “In Scotland, the people are sovereign.” The most basic decision a people can make is to exercise that sovereignty to govern themselves. On 18 September Scotland will decide its political future–to become free and accept the risks of a mature society or remain encumbered by a stodgy British crown and a House of Commons that want only to dictate Scotland’s future.

It is time for the British Empire to be over!  The world, so many bankers and self-interested political elites have been saying, will fall into global recession, Europe will come apart, the United States economy will crash! Preposterous! That would be like saying that since 1776 when the 2 million colonists in North America declared themselves independent of the British Crown the United Kingdom and the world economy will have collapsed more than 100 times due to independence movements.  Look at the breakdown of Britain in this map produced by Simron Koslo of the Global Post:

You are looking at the British Empire in collapse due to the independence chosen by various peoples once claimed by the English. The world is actually healthier albeit more complex with all of these new countries. Self-government is not a disease–it is a natural right to which all people seeking freedom aspire.  Now it would be my preference that the many nations that became states should have become “independent nations” instead. This modern classification for political entities would be better avoiding all of the entanglements to which states are prone, but the fact is that these countries did not cause global calamities with their independence and neither will Scotland if it chooses independence.

The nations of Catalonia, Basque, Bretons, Navajo, Haudenousanee, Maori, and many others may well follow Scotland. If Scotland does not step to independence, these others and many more will very likely become independent in the months and years ahead.  Catalonia will be making yet another move toward independence on 9 November 2014. Think of it.

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