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Hijacking Activism

Published: September 5, 2014, Author: JayTaber

Voices of indigenous peoples rightly belong in discussions on climate change and other issues of world import like human rights. Sorting out authentic activists — indigenous and otherwise — as well as agendas, is another matter.

The main organizers of the People’s Climate March — Avaaz and 350 — are pied pipers funded by Soros and Rockefeller, respectively. Their agenda, as well as that of 350 board member Naomi Klein’s, is to protect Wall Street investors by hijacking activism into ineffective activities like fossil fuel divestment and XL protests.

Ironically, 350 accomplishments thus actually benefit fossil fuel exporters, opposed by indigenous institutions like the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians. This psychological warfare, waged by 350 and Klein on behalf of Wall Street, thus institutionalizes powerlessness, making NGOs part of an imperial civil society. The absurdity of foundation-sponsored spectacle, asking us to believe that Wall Street aristocrats are funding social revolution, points to a desperate need to pierce green illusions.

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