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Full Spectrum Dominance

Published: September 7, 2014, Author: JayTaber

As the infosphere becomes inundated by fossil-fueled front groups like 350, psychological warfare leading up to climate change week in New York (September 20-26) will play a distorting role in the public imagination; spectacle above all! Blaming the fossil fuel industry for climate change — while ignoring the fossil fuel demand by hypocritical consumers — will assuage the public conscience, while offering no practical, honest solutions.

This is Netwar at its most challenging; Communications in Conflict.

For those who actually want to do something constructive, as opposed to engaging in NGO-fostered fantasies, we offer the following:

Cut fossil fuel consumption! End fossil fuel export!
Walk, bike, paddle and gallop to a climate convergence near you!
Stop flying on airplanes for marches, ecotourism and social forums!
Take no fossil fuel money from Shell Oil, Ford and Rockefeller Brothers Fund!
Get real! Don’t sell-out like First Peoples Worldwide (Shell) or 350 (Rockefeller)!

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