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Comedic Relief: Scotland’s Bid

Published: September 16, 2014, Author: dinagw

On Thursday, September 18, Scotland will take to the polls to vote “yea” or “nay” on a referendum to secede from Great Britain. A simple majority in the affirmative will result in Scotland becoming the newest independent state in the world–and further shrinkage to the remnants of the British Empire.

Students of Fourth World theory will understand the significance of this. While Scotland as part of the United Kingdom is clearly part of the so-called “first world,” from another perspective it can be considered a Fourth World nation. Hundreds of years of conflict with England has resulted in its uneasy union with the UK, and much like the independence movement in Catalonia the Scottish people are moving toward full self-determination.

English comedian John Oliver offered this vignette to explain in simple terms “what the hell is going on in Scotland” (to quote a Mother Jones magazine article). Do yourself a favor and take 15 minutes out of your day to educate yourself about it, and have a good laugh in the process.

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