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ISIL Targets FW Nations – Syria/Iraq

Published: August 28, 2014, Author: Rÿser Rudolph C.

Mass media reporting the massacre of unknown numbers of Yazidi men, women and children by the military forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant organization (ISIL) broke through the haze of war in Syria and Iraq. As if nudged by a bar room bully in a local tavern the United States and her European partners noticed. But it wasn’t for the Yazidi’s sake that the US military behemoth eventually stirred to action, but for the American oil workers in Erbil, oil sites and American “advisers”, and yes cover for air strikes against ISIL. That Yazidis are being killed in genocidal fashion is not in and of itself enough to attract the attention of the greater powers is apparent. I discussed the Kurds and Dulaim role as ground forces pushing against ISIL, but without sufficient weapons, money, food and political support and that it was the Kurds who gave protection to many of the Yazidi. Several other Fourth World peoples are also ISIL targets for genocide in Iraq and in Syria. If these nations do not bow to ISIL’s Wahhabist hatred and pledge to be equally bigoted and hateful, they are murdered en masse.

Many of these peoples are followers of Islam (both Sunni and Shia and their variants), and still others are Christians of various stripes and there are the Druze. There are Palestinians and Druze who are essentially refugees, Kurds along the Syrian/Turkish Border, Isma’ilis and Ithna’ashari, Armenians, Alawi (Bashar al-Assad’s people ), and Circassians. Perhaps the clearest analysis of what is going on in the minds and hearts of the ISIL crowd is published by Alastair Crooke (a former MI-6 agent for the UK and Diplomat). His explanation of the ISIL strategy indicates that the second stage of a well thought out three stage strategy–“Management of Savagery” has begun. It is essentially a strategy of mass genocide and Fourth World peoples are major targets since they make up most of the region’s population. If they are not pure followers of the ISIL brand of Wahhabism (the Saudi’s brand of Islam was forced on Bedouin peoples in Saudi Arabia many of which quietly resist the Saudis) (NOTE: Wahhabism animated al Qaeda and the Saudi’s perpetuate this narrow minded fundamentalist version of Islam founded in the 18th century through Saudi funded schools made up of taliban [students]. In other words the Saudi’s long supported through an agreement between Franklin Roosevelt and the then Saudi King are the source of Wahhabism–now split into two versions: ISIL and Saudi. SEE Crooke’s analysis in his article “You Can’t Understand ISIS if you Don’t know the History of the Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia”).

The bigoted ISIL crowd preaches hatred of the “other” even if they are muslims–if they are not “pure” practitioners; and virtually all of the Fourth World peoples in Syria and Iraq are considered “impure” (muslim, Christian and other religions). That was and is the “crime” of the Yazidis.

Fourth World people must be wary of the Wahhabist ISIL and its pretenders in Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, and other countries of Africa. Africa is the next region if the ISIL Calif is successful in Syria/Iraq.

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