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The Transition: Life, Death and Rebirth

Published: December 20, 2012, Author: Rÿser Rudolph C.

December 21, 2012 is marked in Mayan calendrical measurement as or the end of the 26 thousand year Great Cycle. In the knowledge system of America’s original peoples this is a point of transition where for thirteen years before this point we know this as the period of life meeting at the point of death and beginning the rebirth during the next thirteen years.   This is a entirely optimistic understanding of time and space and the meeting of the two as a part of a great continuum. In other words, instead of a cataclysmic crescendo as some believers in Christianity might call the “end time” this moment in celestial time sets about restoring the balance that is lost over the previous 26000 years.

Life on this minor planet is, as many peoples in the world know well, influenced and regulated by movements in the universe–big and small movements that penetrate into our very being and into the mixture of the physical and metaphysical aspects of all things. While this all sounds other worldly, it is merely a statement of how things actually are; and the Mayan peoples along with many other peoples in the hemisphere and elsewhere in the world have an acute awareness of the big and small movements that influence and regulate our little planet and all of its animate and inanimate beings (as some would tend to separate living stone from organic life).

Think of this moment as merely the midpoint of a 26 year segment of time where thirteen years lies on one side of the moment and thirteen years sits on the other side. It is this 26 year period that is meant to be understood as the transition from the cycle’s period of life to its moment of death and to its period of rebirth.

Death is therefore only the moment of time through which one transits from life to rebirth.

Celebrate the moment of (21 December 2012) and know that a new beginning marks the period of rebirth into the next 26000 years of the Great Cycle. Have a feast and then take a moment to pause, reflect and then begin on a new path.

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