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More: Preventing Kyoto Protocol Burial

Published: December 2, 2011, Author: Rÿser Rudolph C.

International Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change

December 2, 2011 – AWG-KP Intervention – COP17/Durban

Read by Nanta Mpaayei

Thank you, Mr. Chair.

I am honoured to present today on behalf of the International Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change. We are happy to have this second chance to address this working group, because of the importance of the task before us all.

Some countries are alluding to moving outside of the Kyoto Protocol. Some countries believe that their own economic greed precludes them from acting in the best interests of us all.

You all know what our traditional peoples have been telling us for many years, and what scientists can confirm. We are killing the planet, and we need to stop. You know the numbers. I won’t repeat them here.

We maintain our concerns about the Kyoto Protocol, and all measures being conceived of under the convention. We want to ensure the protection of Indigenous Peoples’ human rights, particularly women’s rights. These have already been violated by measures under the convention, which should be of concern by all countries here. We cannot afford to have further scams, blackmail and carbon markets imposed upon our peoples under the guise of financing.

However, the Kyoto Protocol remains necessary. We have no viable alternative, and we do not have the time to wait for another mechanism. The Pledge-and-review system remains a poor imitation of determined climate action. What kind of system of justice would allow those who repeatedly commit crimes, to get away with pledging to commit fewer crimes in the future, and then face no sanctions for breaking the law, again and again?

Some countries claim they don’t want to commit to emissions reductions, because it isn’t fair. Who are they, to talk about fairness, when our peoples have not been responsible for this climate change, but end up suffering the most?

Our peoples’ lives are on the line. Without Kyoto, we face the real prospect of climate ethnocide.

This is no time for empty words. We want real commitments. We need real action.

For the sake of the planet, countries gathered must commit to a second commitment period.

We thank those of you gathered who are here with the best interests of our Mother Earth in mind.

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