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Final Solution

Published: November 13, 2011, Author: JayTaber

If you look at the sum of UN programs rather than its pieces, a different picture emerges. As storytellers, it is our task to paint that picture through narratives that capture the totality of what is happening.

While minor concessions are being made to placate indigenous peoples and their civil society friends, ethnic cleansing on a scale not seen since the first wave of invasions out of Europe is well underway.

This final solution for the disposition of the world’s 5,000 remaining indigenous societies, in order to extract fossil fuels and minerals without regard for human rights, is the result of conflating greed and need. Neglecting environmental concerns as well, TNCs, states and the UN are engaged in an all out effort to clear the way for wholesale ravaging of the planet. If you doubt my assertions, take a look at the UN Millenium Development goals sometime.

Development has to happen in order to meet the demands of a burgeoning world population, but how that happens depends on attitude. Taking into consideration the needs of all peoples, including indigenous nations, would temper the greed and focus on the need. Development without their consent leaves it to markets and institutions to decide our fate.

Given this horrific scenario, the bewildering manipulations within the UN to exclude indigenous peoples from a seat at the table on all matters of substance makes sense. Silencing their voices is a prerequisite to their marginalization and, ultimately, their annihilation.

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