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Dr. Mirjam Hirch

Published: October 13, 2011, Author: Rÿser Rudolph C.

She was an intern at the Center for World Indigenous Studies in 2001 and then she took on the important responsibilities of a CWIS Fellow focusing on Traditional Medicine Policy.  She traveled to Tajikistan, to Switzerland, Mexico and Australia advocating the development of an implementation of policies in governments and international organizations that will advance the practice of traditional medicine. Then she traveled to Canada to explore the question of oolichan oil and its benefits for health. And, while she did all of this she became an Associate Scholar of the Center for World Indigenous Studies. The woman who set on a vigorous course of research and advocacy is Mirjam Hirch from Darmstadt, Germany.

  Dr. Mirjam Hirch, Darmstadt, Germany

Not satisfied with these accomplishments Mirjam has added another achievement: She has earned her doctorate and is now Dr. Mirjam Hirch.

We at the Center for World Indigenous Studies are very proud of Dr. Hirch’s accomplishment and offer our very best congratulations.  The world has in Mirjam a powerful voice for the benefit of traditional medicine and for indigenous peoples. Thank you Dr. Mirjam Hirch!

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