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Appoint Tauli-Corpuz to UN Post

Published: October 7, 2011, Author: Rÿser Rudolph C.

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is preparing to appoint a new UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism in its new term. The Center for World Indigenous Studies, along with numerous other organizations and leaders has endorsed Ms. Victoria Lucia Tauli-Corpuz from the Philippines to fill that post.

Vicky, as many know her, is perfectly qualified for the post and her appointment will be a strong statement by the United Nations Human Rights Council that the cause and concerns of indigenous peoples has reached the first tier of consideration.  While the Special Rapporteur would clearly focus on all forms of racism affecting all marginalized populations, Vicky’s experience and personal knowledge of the situation of indigenous peoples will open wholly new avenues of inquiry and reportage for the UNHRC.  Sensitive to the complex cross currents that give rise to racial discrimination, Victoria Lucia Tauli-Corpuz will serve with a powerful and incisive voice.

Some of her qualifications are well known, but bear repeating here:

* She is one of the world’s most active and committed advocates for the human
rights of marginalized groups.

* She has extensive experience and expertise in the area of racism,
discrimination and intolerance, strongly grounded in the realities and
struggles faced by indigenous peoples and women.

* She has worked with various stakeholders and established an extensive network
among women, indigenous peoples, minorities as well as with government
officials in various countries and UN bodies, which will assist in engaging
with a variety of stakeholders to discharge the mandate in an accountable

* Her work extends beyond state level advocacy to regional and international
standard setting. At the state level, she was a commissioner of the
National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW) from 2001-2004.
At the global level, she was the Chairperson-Rapporteur (1997-2005) and
member (1994-1996) of the Board of Trustees of the UN Voluntary Fund for
Indigenous Populations (1997-2005); and Chairperson of the UN Permanent
Forum on Indigenous Issues (2005-2010).

* She has comprehensive and practical knowledge of international human rights
instruments and mechanisms. She played a key role in the drafting and
negotiations of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
(adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2007) and the Beijing Indigenous
Women’s Declaration (2005). She spent 5 years leading the UN Permanent
Forum on Indigenous Issues as Chairperson (2005-2010).

* Founding member of numerous civil society initiatives and groups on human
rights of indigenous peoples and women, as well as climate justice, social
justice, poverty and self-determined sustainable development at the
national, regional and international levels. She is currently Executive
Director of Tebtebba (Indigenous People’s International Centre for Policy
Research and Education).

The world will benefit enormously from the service of Victoria Lucia Tauli-Corpuz!

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